Carlos Brillembourg on Adam Bartos

Carlos Brillembourg~BOMB
The photographs in Adam Bartos's Boulevard, taken in Paris and Los Angeles, document places that are at once ubiquitous and hidden. Bartos photographs a commonplace urban scene animated by a soft wash of light infused with color emanating from a car, a fence or a blank plaster wall. More than urban landscapes, they become still-lifes of the hyper-familiar.
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R.I.P., 'Arrested Development'

Tim Goodman~San Fransico Chronicle
"Arrested Development," the critically praised but low-rated Fox show that won an Emmy for outstanding comedy series, as well as Emmys for writing, will not be resurrected on Showtime as rumors circulating for months have suggested.
A source close to the negotiations said that creator Mitch Hurwitz had decided after a lengthy period of debating an offer from Showtime that "Arrested Development reached its end, creatively, as a series."
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Interview with Damien Jurado
Damien Jurado
Brian Hoscheit~30music
30: So it’s the realism that touches people more easily? It seems like you used your character David like that.
Jurado: David is actually David Bazan [of Pedro the Lion] from a dream I had where his wife and I go looking for his soul, so that is where that came from.
30: Beyond all this touring and recording, how have your priorities been with your life?
Jurado: Being with my family. I tell my wife that I’d stop it today or tomorrow if I had to, but so far it’s been good financially. Family is the most important thing to me. I got a wife and a kid, and I enjoy being home. Yeah, that’s my main priority.
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Borges and the Plain Sense of Things
Jorge Borges
Gabriel Josipovici~ReadySteadyBook
The name of Borges, among readers of modern literature, has always been synonymous with labyrinths, babelic libraries, gardens of forking paths, parallel universes, refutations of time and all sorts of cunning intellectual paradoxes. I want to argue, however, that these are merely the means whereby this profoundly modern writer seeks to make manifest the importance of the ordinary and the contingent in our lives and to remind us that this is the only life we have, that death will bring it to an end, and that every moment of it is infinitely precious.
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See also A Conversation With Jorge Luis Borges.
Interview with Ray Caesar

Brentley Frazer~Pixelsurgeon
Like a wonderful old book you find that captures you with the mystery of the main character you read the beginning and fall under its spell and become unaware of the real nature of reality because you are absorbed by the story till its end. I figure that's what life is and if you cherished a piece of music or an old jewelry box or favorite chair they become part of your soul just as you leave a part of yourself in those objects when you leave this world.
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