Inspired by a True Story: On James Frey and J.T. Leroy
James Frey
Rick Moody~A Public Space
When I blame the culture entire for this mess, what I blame the culture for is its phobia at the sweet labor of reading. I do it myself occasionally (to my shame and regret): make do with the sketchiest acquaintance with a book, as though I knew what was inside its covers. This won't do. Reading requires a persistent, engaged, long-term relationship with a book. It requires passion and commitment and patience, that most unfashionable of contemporary virtues. Books that are slapdash and careless about these ideals of the reading experience, books that are made for the television market, or in order simply to be review-worthy, do not, in my view, have that much in common with the kinds of books that lie around for decades and contribute to history.
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An essay by James Frey on the writing of A Million Little Pieces.