Silver Jews' Lead Mensch
David Berman
Martin Johnson~News Observer
Q: Why did you decide to tour for "Tanglewood Numbers"?
A: Well, when I made the first record, I knew I had a lot to learn still and put off touring. I said I'd get to it before I was 30. When I was 30, there wasn't really enough interest in the band to stage a tour. Our records sold well for a non-touring band but in the magazines, etcetera, we were too anonymous for me to bother, so the benchmark became tour before I'm 35. When 35 rolled around, "Bright Flight" was coming out. I was a mess. Two of my very closest companions had just died. So that struck any ideas of a tour. It wasn't such a great record. This is the first time I'm enough of a mensch to handle it without collapsing inward, hopefully.
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Cable and Tweed has a bootleg of Silver Jews first two shows of the tour.